What I'm doing now:


Full-stack development, devops, security, leadership, strategy, and other things that founders of small, scrappy blockchain companies do.

Family and Friends

Raising a cute little monkey. Spending time with my family and the people close to me.


Lifting 3 days a week. Stretching daily to fix/prevent my recurring tendonitis. Ultimate with Metro North on some weekends.


Working on creating positive, sustainable habits. Currents habits:

  • brushing/flossing before bed
  • logging all my workouts here
  • not buying anything except
    • food or medical things
    • things for others
    • nonphysical things (e.g. experiences, ebooks)
    • replacements for things that are lost/broken
  • only checking personal email twice per day. each time, processing email to zero. since Feb 2016
  • improving my deep work habits, since April 2017


Reading a mix of fiction and nonfiction (I try to alternate these so I don't favor one or the other). Tracking my reading on GoodReads. Writing a short summary of each book I read.


Continuous self-improvement is the name of the game.

That's It

Saying no to things that are not aligned with my focus/values. Identifying the essential, eliminating the rest. However, I'm open-minded about new things and updating this list. Last update: 2017-06-19