Kaimana opening ceremonies

Woke up early for breakfast and opening ceremonies, but didn't play till 11:45. Watched the girls play for a while, then went to the Ski Patrol team meeting. Then played our games and some spikeball. After games, ate dinner (it was awesome), showered and returned to party. Went to bed early again (at 9ish) because we were tired and most of our team wasn't there. Turns out they were pregaming at the house and showed up later, but we didn't know that at the time. We decided not to take any chances with the weather and just slept in the van, but it ended up being super calm at the campsite so we could have slept there.

At about 2:30am, we woke up to a guy making out with a girl on the side of our van. They didn't know we were in it, so we had to mess with them. By the time we decided what to do (play some mood music for them) and selected the song, they'd moved on.


Very similar to yesterday, but the weather was way worse. It rained for much of the morning and the whole field had turned to mud by the time we played. I picked up with Ski Patrol for two games, got to play against Sofia FREAKS (the Japanese university team).

After games and dinner, I showered in the secret shower at the fields (it had warm water) and then went to the campsite to change. We came back to the party, played bottle hockey (finally) and danced a bunch. I also played a Stanford guy in Rosham Slap. It goes like this:

  • stand across from your opponent with a water bottle and a disc on a chair between you
  • play rock-paper-scissors
  • when you win, grab the water bottle and attempt to slap your opponent in the head
  • when you lose, grab the disc and defend yourself
  • no dodging, only blocking with the disc

After the party, we took down our tent (to keep it dry) and slept in the van. This time without any surprises.


Last day of ultimate, we're in quarters. The weather was even worse - the mud got thicker and the wind made it almost impossible to throw more than 10 yards. We played Ono and got wrecked, which was actually not bad because we didn't have to keep playing. Here's what it looked like:

Philthy 2014

Philthy Pyramid

We watched the girls play in the semis. It was also a really shitty game; it got capped at halftime and our girls lost. Went back and swam in the ocean to wash off, packed up our van and got ready to leave.

Philthy women

I tried to trade for an FL Tower jersey, but the guy traded it away while I was gone. Then I tried to get a Freaks jersey and a girl was willing to trade me, but it was small on me. I tried to find the guys team but they had another game and we needed to leave. So no new jerseys for me this year.