Monday Afternoon

We went to Trey's house to shower and hang out. We played 33 and then played the hot tub game (arrange yourselves in order of insert topic here without saying where you are on the topic. You can only say in very general terms where you think you are in the order of people there. We came very close to arranging ourselves correctly by age order, and then finally got "number of siblings" fully correct.

After that, we drove to our North Shore house near Hale'iwa. We went out for sushi and sake at Banzai Sushi. It was pretty good and kind of expensive, though the sake was awesome. It was served on ice and in chilled little cups. It's the first time I've actually enjoyed the sake.

After getting home, we played Oh Hell till 2am.


A nice, relaxing beach day. I worked in the morning, then met the rest of the team on Sunset Beach. We swam, threw around and watched surfers. Jared joined us and we spent a while trying to do a 5-person mac line.

Mac line on Sunset Beach

We came close a bunch but never actually got it. Eventually we went home to shower, then went out to Opal Thai. This was one of the major highlights of the trip. The owner was super cool and came out to talk to all of the people there. They had menus, but we told him to just make whatever he wants for us. He asked us a bunch of questions (how spicy, any allergies, name 8 thai dishes), then left to make us a delicious dinner. I think we ate about 10 different things and each one was amazing.

Opal Thai dinner

The curry and pad thai were fantastic, the chicken skewers were delicious, but my favorite was the stingray with veggies and spicy sauce. After dinner, Opal came out to take a photo with us.

Opal, the chef of Opal Thai

After dinner, we played a combo Oh Hell + Asshole game. Furf won as usual.


Our last day was gorgeous. The weather was finally Hawaii-like and all we did was chill. We cooked a relaxing breakfast, checked out of our house and drove to the Banzai Pipeline. We watched surfers for a while, then went to play in a tidepool. We threw around and played TRC.

us at Banzai Pipeline

more of the beach and tidepool

We also watched a bunch of pro surfers (Jamie O'Brien and his posse) set up a giant jump into the tide pool and launch themselves into the water off an inflatable tube pulled by a bungee cable. They had some sweet backflip dives, but the best was Jamie sliding down with his surfboard in hand, doing a backflip and then landing on the board (and almost sticking the landing).

![backflip video?]

After that, we drove to the shrimp trucks for lunch. We tried several kinds and they were all delicious. Our fav was the Hawaiian Coconut shrimp. They were fried (so no peeling) and quite coconuty, and they came with a sn awesome lemonade sauce. We also ate ice cream sandwiches as VJ's burger stand. The lilikoi (passionfruit) one was fantastic.

shrimp trucks

ice cream and burger place

After lunch, we went to Waimea Bay beach for spikeball and swimming. We played 6 or 7 games of pretty competitive spikeball with lots of laying out and sweet saves. Then we jumped into the bay and played with the waves. They were pretty high and it took me a sec (and Diana 3 tries) to figure out how things work. But it was a ton of fun. There were also a bunch of body surfers and boogie boarders playing in the waves and doing sweet tricks and flips.

Finally, it was time to fly home. We showered at the beach and drove to the airport. Diana bought some cool flower earrings at the shop. I slept for most of the flight.

See you next year, Hawaii. Aloha.