My February will be focused on setting up proper email habits. First, I've shut off forwarding from my work email to my personal email. I'm gonna keep the two separate, which will help keep things in their proper contexts. Second, I'm going to try to only check my email twice a day. With work email, I may have to check more frequently. But with personal email, I'll do my best to be strict about the twice-a-day rule. Each time I check it, I'm going to empty out my inbox completely. Everything will either get answered, archived, postponed (via calendar,, or some other reminder system), or moved to another location where the information is needed. Finally, I've been in the process of switching to my email address, so this will give me a good opportunity to unsubscribe from or block more messages that I don't need.

As with the meditation habit, I'll be putting this habit on Beeminder. I did this once before, and it was fairly effective. Beeminder tracks the number of read emails in your inbox. As long as you're disciplined about not using "mark as unread", it will keep you on the path to inbox zero. I'll also re-enable the feature that takes you to the next email instead of going back to the inbox. This will help keep me focused on eliminating email.

Obligatory Beeminder graph: