I recently finished reading Deep Work, and I'm committed to cutting out distractions and focusing more deeply. To that end, I made a list of all the things Cal recommends, and I'm going to do all of them.

Some of the action items are rather easy - I already don't use Facebook or Twitter, and I've been working on reducing email time for a while now. Others will take significant effort, which I'll be documenting here.

The list:

  • quit reddit/hn/other sites, except during explicitly allowed times
  • stop working after some time (5:15pm, to leave time for shutdown)
  • create a shutdown ritual and do it for 30 days
  • create a starting-work ritual and do it for 30 days
  • set up a shallow-work budget
  • set aside time every morning for deep work
  • learn to memorize a deck of cards
  • go over "Execute Like A Business" section
  • schedule internet blocks
  • practice concentration by creating short deadlines and intense-work sessions
  • practice productive meditation
  • review my "network tools" and apply the craftsman selection criteria and the 80/20 rule
  • use bullet journal to schedule every minute of my work day
  • become hard to reach. dont take on extra work and dont answer bad email

I'm going to work my way down from the top, working on one or two things a month until they become part of my routine.

For May, I will start with the first 3 things. #1 should be easy. It's at the top of the list because I can basically cross it off now, and I like crossing things off lists. #2 and #3 go hand in hand, and they'll be my real focus for the month.

I'll check back in on May 1st with the specific shutdown routine I'll be using, and what times I've set aside for reading internet stuff. I'll also use something to track whether I stopped working at the designated time.