In the spirit of "do things, tell people", here's the latest thing I did.

I like Backtick

Backtick is a Chrome extensino for people who use bookmarklets and javascript snippets a lot. Press `, type the name of the code piece, run it. It's super-simple, well-designed and just works. Plus it's really easy to extend - just fork this gist and make your own code snippet, then add the gist id to the extension settings. What's not to love?

DRY is king

Well actually, there is one problem. A bunch of people have already written a bunch of custom Backtick commands, but they are impossible to find. I wanted an "Add to Pinboard" option and made it myself. Turns out I'm the 7th person to make one. "Shouldn't there be a catalog of already created commands?" I thought to myself. No need to clutter the web with copies of stuff that already exists.

So now there's this

I give you backticklist. It's a list of all the forks of that original gist, with the name and description of the code snippet. No more reinventing the bookmarklet!

I started out by directly filling in the table entries using the Github API on each pageload, but their low rate limit forced me to switch to cacheing the forks each night.